Katie Davidson

I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer at age 26, and Stage IV at age 31. I have metastatic cancer to my skull, through my spine along my entire skeleton, my liver, and my cranium. My treatments have included six rounds of chemo, five surgeries, four rounds of intense radiation to my spine and pelvis, over three years of antihormonal therapy and two clinical trials. My prognosis was roughly 36 months, 34 months ago.

I am endlessly advocating for metastatic breast cancer patients, young women with breast cancer, and young adults with terminal cancer. Most recently, I advocated at Queen's Park for access to life-extending medication for metastatic breast cancer patients and co-facilitated a workshop on legacy-building for young adults with cancer at the Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) Survivor's Conference.

I created the spiral artwork for this site, the title is "Gratitude: Ten Plus a Million"

Gratitude has become one of the most important aspects of my life. Being grateful for what I have experienced, my friends and family and my day to day life experiences allows me to focus on what I have, not on what I'll miss out on. 'Gratitude: Ten Plus A Million' is my interpretation of the symbol for gratitude along with all of those who support me and help develop my legacy. Watercolour became a form of meditation after I watched a 60-second video of a woman creating a beautiful piece of watercolour art. I gave it a try and found that cancer was never the focus of any watercolour pieces that I created. Between cleaning my brush, watching the paint travel through the water on the paper, and seeing the colours blend - each in their own unique manner, cancer was for once not in the spotlight. 

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We grieve the loss of Katie Davidson, who died on June 21, 2019. We are grateful for her contributions to Living Out Loud, and extend our condolences to her family and friends. To read more about Katie's life: https://stoddartfuneralhome.com/book-of-memories/3880939/Davidson-Katherine+(Katie)/