Anne Katz RN, MN, PhD, FAAN

Dr. Anne Katz is a certified sexuality counselor and Clinical Nurse Specialist at CancerCare Manitoba. Dr. Katz is the editor of the Oncology Nursing Forum, the premier research journal of the Oncology Nursing Society. She was inducted into the American Academy of Nursing in 2014.  She has educated thousands of health care providers and cancer survivors about cancer, sexuality, and survivorship and is an avid blogger for ASCO Connections. Dr. Anne Katz is the author of 13 books for health care providers and consumers on the topics of illness, sexuality and cancer survivorship. Two of her books focus on young adults with cancer: This Should Not be Happening – Young Adults with Cancer as well as Meeting the Need for Psychosocial Care in Young Adults with Cancer.

"My professional life is focused on providing information, education and counseling to people with cancer and their partners about sexual changes that can occur during and after treatment.

But there is another important aspect to this work; I want every person with cancer to be able to have a discussion about sexuality with their health care providers. And so I travel around the world, teaching health care providers to ask their patients about this important part of quality of life."

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